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We are a UK focused retail and commercial bank that has customers at its heart.

We have a business model that helps us live up to that – our business is enabling individuals and businesses to achieve their goals whichever of our brands a customer chooses.

Lloyds Banking Group today remains rooted in serving customers in the UK. For us this means being dependable, prudent, safe and trustworthy.

“Trust of course can only be restored through our actions, day in day out, doing the right thing for our customers. This is at the heart of our strategy.”
António Horta-Osório, CEO, Lloyds Banking Group

Retail and commercial banking is about supporting the UK economy, ensuring payments are made accurately and on time, taking care of customer deposits, and transferring those deposits in a prudent way into lending for businesses and for people buying their homes. With every interaction we have, customer-by-customer, in the communities we serve, we aim to do the right thing. That way we can and we will make a real positive contribution to our customers and the wider economic and social wellbeing of this country.

Doing the right thing

We are determined to learn from the mistakes of the past. We are taking a lead in our sector on rectifying the mis-selling of PPI, to ensure we get the right outcomes for customers. We recognise we cannot claim to be putting our customers first unless we take these difficult decisions and do the right thing, especially when dealing with our legacy issues.

A fundamental part of meeting our customers’ needs is getting the basics right first time. We recognise from time to time we do make mistakes, but when this happens, we work hard to fix the issue quickly for the customers involved and learn from any mistake to make sure we don’t repeat it. Where a customer raises a complaint we analyse the root cause, seeking to fix any wider issues. That analysis is then fundamental in prioritising our operational plans to improve the customer experience.

“Every day our Customer Services teams strive to ensure that we are doing the right thing; whether that’s fixing our legacy issues, improving our processes to reduce the number of complaints we receive or understanding and learning from the root cause of complaints we resolve.  Every action taken is to help ensure that customers are at the heart of everything we do.”
David Oldfield, Group Director, Operations.

Acting on complaints

We aim to learn from all complaints, looking to understand what actions we can take to make sure they are less likely to recur. Sometimes that action is to update our systems, or to improve our processes to cut down call waiting times; sometimes it is providing more training or information to equip colleagues in giving them the information customers need. The Group is committed to becoming the best bank for all our customers and we have introduced a number of improvements to our products and services, for example we have improved our ISA account opening and transfer processes, meaning colleagues have clearer, simpler process to follow, resulting in an improved the customer experience. This is just one example of who we are working to ensure we are providing excellent customer service for all our customers across all our brands and channels.

You can look at our complaints data in depth. The summary below shows just how far we have come already.

We benchmark complaints against the sector using the industry-wide metric of complaints received per 1,000 accounts. This enables us to compare like-for-like performance.

Over recent years we have seen our complaints numbers approach the best in our sector. We have seen a 65% reduction in complaints since May 2011, while that does not breed complacency, it is proof to us that we are indeed acting on customer demands.

“Our strategy and culture – the way we do things – are inextricably linked. Only by having a customer-focused strategy can a customer-focused culture flourish. Our business is based on relationships within the communities we serve, helping to deliver their long term goals. So, the way for us to help Britain prosper is to be the best bank for customers.”
António Horta-Osório, CEO, Lloyds Banking Group

Financial Inclusion

We aim to lead the banking sector in reaching those who are financially excluded and equip them with the confidence and capability to manage their money effectively.

We are the UK’s biggest provider of basic bank accounts that help to bring people into the banking system, people who have been in financial difficulty in the past or prisoners who have no access to a bank account once released (excluding those with a history of financial crime). These accounts permit transactions such as receiving income, paying bills and purchasing goods. Research shows that prisoners with a basic bank account are more likely to integrate into society and not reoffend.

We currently provide over three million basic bank accounts.

However, we still need to do more to include wider groups who may be financially excluded especially in the current economic climate. We have a Financial Inclusion Steering Group that is chaired by a Board member. It joins up various products, services and initiatives related to financial inclusion across the bank to make financial inclusion part of our wider customer diversity agenda.

Making banking accessible is important to be the best bank for customers. Around 15 per cent of the UK population has a disability. We were the first bank to introduce a British Sign Language sign video service for customers with hearing impairments, allowing them to contact us via video link with the help of a sign language interpreter. We also have a Disability Services Support team who is available to provide help and support to front line colleagues with disability related queries.

We are currently leading the financial services industry in its response to the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia and the creation of dementia friendly communities.

In conjunction with the National Offender Management Service, we offer more basic banking facilities to prisoners than any other bank.

In 2012 , we opened around 225,000 new accounts and over 100,000 customers who previously had a basic bank account either upgraded to or opened a mainstream bank account.

Helping Britain Prosper