Helping build better communities

Lloyds Banking Group provides a Community Fund to help local people make a positive difference in the hearts of communities.

In 2013 over 1,560 community groups, in almost 400 communities across the UK, received a Community Fund Award from Lloyds Banking Group.

The good causes, nominated by Lloyds Banking Group colleagues, ranged from Foodbanks and Scout groups, to children’s charities and sports clubs.

Each nomination was allocated to a local community, along with three other good causes in the same community, and the public were invited to vote for the cause that mattered most to them.

Community Fund

Across the UK there were more than 2.76million public votes received in Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland branches, online and by SMS.

At the end of the public vote, the two good causes with the most votes in each community both received £3,000. The other two received £300 each.

And it will make a difference. More than 450,000 people will benefit from the Community Fund in 2014.

Nominations are open until 30 April:

For causes in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, visit Lloyds Bank

For causes in Scotalnd, visit Bank of Scotland