Helping build better communities

We believe in helping the communities we're part of to thrive, that's why our Community Fund provides grants to local good causes across the UK.

Earlier this year over over 6,000 community groups, ranging from Foodbanks and Scout groups, to children's charities and sports clubs, applied to be part of the 2014 Community Fund following nomations by members of the public.

During June, Lloyds Banking Group colleagues shortlisted 1,632 of the good causes into over 400 communities. 

Each nomination was allocated to a local community, along with three other good causes. And from 2 September the public will be invited to vote for the cause that matter most to them. 

Each local causes will be awarded funding depending on the number of votes they receive. The group with the most votes will get £3,000, the next £2,000, £1,000 and finally, £500.

Community Fund Winners
Bristol based community group collects Community Fund grant.

And it will make a difference. More than 600,000 people will benefit from the 2014 Community Fund. To find out more visit the Lloyds Bank Community Fund or Bank of Scotland Community Fund, or read our case studies:

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John Cleveland college