business model and strategy

Helping Britain prosper and becoming the best bank for customers

Our business model

As a UK focused bank we are well placed to help Britain prosper, delivering for customers, shareholders and wider society. Our differentiated business model gives us competitive advantage, enabling us to continue to deliver for our customers in a challenging environment.

What makes us different

Our strengths and capabilities provide significant advantage and differentiation, driving value creation.

Our strategy

In 2011, we outlined our strategy to become the best bank for customers and shareholders. Over the following three years the business was transformed with a reshaped, low risk portfolio, a strengthened balance sheet and a more efficient cost base. This firm foundation enabled us to launch the next phase of our strategy in 2014.

Our three-year plan is designed to deliver value and high quality experiences for customers as well as superior and sustainable financial performance, all within a prudent risk and control framework.

Our focus is to adapt to the changes in financial services brought about by shifts in technology, our customers’ changing preferences and the evolving competitive and regulatory environment. This will be achieved through three strategic priorities: creating the best customer experience; becoming simpler and more efficient; and delivering sustainable growth.

The combination of our three year plan with our strong foundations and differentiated business model, positions us well to deliver the best experience for customers alongside superior and sustainable returns for shareholders.