Helping Britain Prosper Plan

Our Helping Britain Prosper Plan

We have always understood that when people, businesses and communities across Britain prosper, so do we. We help Britain prosper through our core products and services, but over and above these, through our Helping Britain Prosper Plan, which we launched in March 2014 and refreshed in 2015.

The Plan was created in consultation with our stakeholders and external experts to ensure it is relevant and focused. It sets out clear targets to address social and economic issues prioritised by stakeholders which, as a bank, we are well placed to help address. These include: the shortage of affordable homes; supporting small businesses and the UK’s manufacturing base; helping people and organisations acquire the digital skills and capability they need; and tackling disadvantage in local communities in order that more people can share in the UK’s economic growth.


Performance in 2015

Overall, in 2015, the Group performed well against the 28 targets in the Plan and achieved 27 out of 28 metrics.

We missed our target to help 100,000 customers plan and save for later life through company pension schemes. During 2015, 145,000 new customers started contributing to a corporate pension scheme managed by Scottish Widows. However, 139,000 customers stopped contributions with their existing employer, mainly because they started a new job with a new employer. Consequently, net growth in customer numbers was only 6,000.

We’ve therefore developed a new metric for 2016 to help consumers plan for later life through our retirement planning website. This reflects rapidly changing market conditions and our goal of helping more customers save for the long-term.