To help shape our 2015 reporting, we worked in line with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines. As part of a defined materiality process, we asked internal and external stakeholder groups to rank and prioritise a supplied set of key issues, by completing interviews and questionnaires. Those they identified as most material helped us to structure our reporting documents.   

Our five most material issues

The set of key issues that we asked stakeholders to refer to has evolved over several years. It takes into account previous engagement and current internal opinion. For 2015, stakeholders prioritised the following five issues as most material:

•Trust in the business

•How the company runs its business

•Customer satisfaction

•Access to clear products and services

•Economic impact

 We discuss the ways in which we addressed these issues during 2015, in our Annual Report and Accounts 2015, in the Our Performance pages.

Other material issues

Our stakeholders also ranked a number of other important issues, related to customers, colleagues, communities, stakeholders and the environment. We report on these in a series of five Responsible Business Updates.

 The topics covered in these five updates are:


  • Customer experience

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Responsible lending

  • Responsible marketing

  • Responsible processes

  • Accessibility

  • Customer impact


  • Building a responsible culture

  • Engaging with colleagues

  • Learning and development

  • Recruiting the best people

  • Remuneration and reward

  • Safety, health and wellbeing


  • Supporting local communities

  • Education, employability and enterprise

  • Community investment

  • Fundraising and colleague volunteering


  • Supply chain

  • Government and regulators

  • Unions

  • Investors and ratings agencies


  • Greenhouse gas emissions

  • Supporting the low carbon economy

  • Sourcing power responsibly

  • Managing our environmental impact

  • Engagement on environmental issues


You can read more about how we identified, ranked and prioritised our stakeholders’ concerns in our 2015 Materiality Report.