Lloyds Banking Group is proud to be a founding partner of Go ON UK, the leading digital skills charity, which argues the powerful social and economic case for universal Basic Digital Skills.

Lloyds Banking Group is working in partnership with nine other organisations – Age UK, Argos, BBC, Big Lottery Fund, E.ON, EE, Post Office, Sage Group and Talk Talk – to support Go ON UK’s vision for everyone to have the Basic Digital Skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Woman's hands on a computer keyboard

What is the problem that Go ON UK hopes to solve?

Despite having lower barriers in terms of access and cost, the number of adults aged 16-24 in England who do not have Basic Digital Skills is double the number of Germany and triple the number of France; in total one in five UK adults still don’t have the Basic Digital Skills they need to benefit from being online.

This deepening digital skills divide also affects the UK’s businesses and charities, with 23% of SMEs and over 50% of charities lacking Basic Digital Skills. Yet the potential for this market is huge. Booz & Co estimated in 2012 that a fully digital nation would be worth an extra £63 billion to our annual GDP and that digital technology could unlock £18.8bn in revenue for UK small and medium-sized businesses.

Our support


In early November 2012, we sat alongside the CEOs of the other founder partners of Go ON UK and the UK digital champion Martha Lane Fox, and made a pledge to help the UK become the most digitally capable country in the world.

Since then, we have been at the forefront of delivery, working alongside Go ON UK to deliver on the commitments made and building partnerships with other organisations across the UK to tackle the digital skills gap.