Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds launches 2nd strategic annual environmental report

19 December 2011

 Our Environmental Action Plan: one year on

Within the report Truett Tate, Vice Chairman for Lloyds Banking Group,
outlines the wealth of environmental changes already adopted by the Group
together with progress made during 2011 including:

• £2.5m invested in energy saving and carbon reduction projects in
property portfolio reducing carbon emissions by over 4,600 tonnes
every year
• A reduction of energy by around 7% in the last two years
• Achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for the entire UK operation
• Diverting food waste into anaerobic digestion creating approximately
5,800 KwH of renewable energy monthly – enough to boil 36,000
• Recycling cooking oil and converting into bio-diesel – over the past
year 25,459 litres have been recycled equating to 48 tonnes of C02
• 650 colleagues trained in accredited Business & Environment

a full copy of this report is available to download at http://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/media/pdfs/lbg/2011/Climate_Magazine.pdf

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