Whoever wins the US election, 4 out or 5 of investors won’t change their investment strategy

05 November 2012

  • Halifax Share Dealing surveys investors to establish what impacts their investment strategies and where they are investing

One of the more notable findings from the latest Halifax Share Dealing Market Tracker results, which were published today, showed that only one in five investors are likely to change their strategy as a result of this week’s US Presidential Election. More than half (54%) of the same investors surveyed believe that foreign policy has a direct influence on the value of the FTSE 100.

Government Policy
While US government policy may not have a huge direct impact on UK investors, over 80% of investors have consistently stated that UK government policy has a direct impact on the value of the FTSE 100. The latest figures show that 70% of investors think interest rates have an effect, and 69% believe that rising inflation impacts the value of the FTSE 100.

Damian Stansfield, Halifax Share Dealing, comments:
"It is interesting that so few investors will reconsider their strategies following this week’s US Presidential Election – it is possible that most investors have factored in the potential effects already, in order to minimise risk. However, we are likely to see an indirect impact over the coming months, as the result of the election will have widespread repercussions.

“Wider investment trends don’t seem to be changing, as energy and mining is still the most popular current investment, with financial services in a close second. This doesn’t look set to change anytime soon, as investors have indicated they will look to these same sectors over the coming months.”

Energy and mining continues to be the most popular sector for investment. Those questioned currently invest in:

  • 71%: Energy and mining
  • 64%: Financial services
  • 42%: Consumer and retail products
  • 40%: Consumer services
  • 36%: Computing and IT

The top three sectors for investment look set to receive the majority of attention over the next six months too, as those questioned are intending to invest in:

  • 58%: Energy and mining
  • 42%: Financial services
  • 34%: Consumer and retail products
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