Savers Succumb to Summer Spending

20 July 2013

Summer savings are being raided to pay for holidays and weekend breaks, with the average amount withdrawn from savings accounts standing at more than double the average amount deposited.

More than three quarters of people (77%) managed to save something over the last three months, putting away an average of £829. However, over a third of people (35%) have raided their savings over the same period, taking out an average of £1,824.

Despite the fact that holidays top the list of things that people are saving for (23%), they are also the most likely cause for people to have to dip unexpectedly into their hard earned funds (21%).

In addition to holidays, saving for retirement (14%) and a house deposit (12%) are the most common things people are currently saving for, although almost two thirds (59%) are putting money aside for a rainy day or have no specific savings goal in mind.

Richard Fearon, Head of Halifax Savings, says:
“Whilst it’s great to have some money put aside for a rainy day, saving for something specific makes it harder to justify dipping into your savings because you can see the impact on the things the money could be used for.”

“Savings can be a great way to help you realise both long and short term goals, but, just like any other area of your finances, they are most effective when managed as part of your overall budget.”

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