Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland delivers a secure ‘three click’ mobile banking login to help customers stay in control

24 January 2014

Bank of Scotland has delivered an innovative ‘three click’ Mobile Banking login that allows customers to securely access Mobile Banking on the go, without the need to remember a set of lengthy login credentials. Its new next generation app - launched today for customers who use their iPhone and Android phones for mobile banking – will provide a faster and more secure mobile service to customers designed for busy people on the go.

The first time customers use the new app, they will ‘register’ their device. This registration process links the customer with the app and their phone. This means that only that customer on that particular handset can login. Because of this extra level of security, customers will only need to enter three random characters from their Memorable Information (MI) to log in.

While some other banks use a five or six digit PIN, Bank of Scotland customers don’t need to create or remember anything new, as they can use their existing MI to log in. Bank of Scotland’s three-character express login is so secure that each time a customer logs in, they will be asked for a different combination of characters from their MI. With this additional security, Bank of Scotland customers can make payments to anyone, including companies, with the same transaction limits as in Internet Banking.

Due to the increasing number of customers now accessing mobile banking, it’s important that Bank of Scotland continues to expand the range of banking services its customers can access on their mobile device, so they can bank on the go. Available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the next generation app will provide: -

  • Three click secure login – quick access to balance and transaction history
  • Full transaction history – ability to swipe and view all transactions
  • Enhanced design – improved look and feel and straightforward navigation to key features
  • Payments – hassle free payments to anyone with full transaction limits.
  • Branch and cash machine finder – find your nearest cash machine, including directions

Robin Bulloch, Managing Director, Bank of Scotland Community Bank said, “At Bank of Scotland we continue to invest to make sure we can serve our customers’ everyday needs. Our branches and network of mobile branch services are vital in our supporting of communities across Scotland, however as the use of smartphones increases, more customers now have the option to bank on the go.”

"We’ve listened to what our customers want from their mobile banking experience and are delighted to introduce the ‘three click’ login. Using this new next generation app, customers will find mobile banking faster, easier and very secure.”


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