Lloyds Banking Group and General Assembly develop bespoke Digital Foundations training

22 October 2015

Lloyds Banking Group has formed a partnership with the global educational institution General Assembly to create a bespoke Digital Foundations course as part of the Bank’s Digital Academy.

General Assembly’s Digital Foundations is an online learning platform that enables organisations to effectively build a fundamental understanding of digital concepts and tactics within their teams. The customised training for Lloyds Banking Group aims to equip the Bank’s employees with the skills to work at the cutting edge of digital innovation.

The Digital division’s colleagues now have access to 22 tailored online modules designed to enhance their digital knowledge and embed digitally focused thinking into everyday planning and development. The curriculum uses real-life case studies to explore topics such as mobile apps, digital marketing and data analytics and their impact on an improved customer experience.

The partnership is part of the Bank’s wider £1 billion investment in digital, which has also included building an in-house Digital Academy, focusing time, commitment and investment into digital colleagues and driving digital skills training for colleagues across the Group.

Susana Berlevy, Digital Human Resources Director, Lloyds Banking Group, said: “The Digital Foundation course is just one way in which we’re providing colleagues with knowledge for a successful career in an increasingly digital organisation.

“Colleagues who complete the course will be trained to seek out the latest technologies, move quickly and develop new and innovative ways of servicing our customers.”

“General Assembly’s programs equip companies with the tools and training necessary to innovate across their organisations, which is of paramount importance in today’s rapidly changing digital economy,” said Jake Schwartz, co-founder and CEO, General Assembly.

“With the addition of our Digital Foundations platform to Lloyds Banking Group’s Digital Academy, Lloyds has not only demonstrated a clear commitment to remaining cutting edge but also to providing employees with valuable opportunities to learn and implement new digital skills.”