Glasgow and Ship Bank


The Glasgow and Ship Bank was formed in 1836, from the merger of the Ship Bank and the Glasgow Banking Company.

It was initially set up as a private bank. The four remaining partners of the Ship Bank, and the 24 from the Glasgow Banking Company, all became partners in the new firm.

Glasgow and Ship Bank £1 note, 1836
Glasgow and Ship Bank £1 note, 1836.

They debated conversion to joint-stock status, but no decision was reached. Then in 1843, the partners received an offer from the Union Bank of Scotland to purchase their highly successful business. The offer was accepted.

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Further Information

  • The History of the Union Bank of Scotland by Robert Rait (John Smith & Son Ltd., Glasgow, 1930), chapter 10.
  • A small number of archives relating to the Glasgow and Ship Bank are held by Lloyds Banking Group Archives in Edinburgh - for further information see our archive collections.