Burton Union Bank



Rugely branch, c.1895
Rugely branch, c.1895


The Burton Union Bank was established in 1839 as the Burton, Uttoxeter & Staffordshire Union Bank. It was the result of a merger of two local private banks: Henry Clay & Co., set up in 1790, and Blurton, Webb & Peel, founded in 1806.


The customer base reflected the nature of the industries in the area, particularly brewing, for which Burton-on-Trent was, and still is, well-renowned. Brewers also numbered amongst the Bank’s original shareholders.

Expansion and Consolidation

Business was brisk for the first few years, which led to a decision to expand beyond Burton. Branches were opened in Uttoxeter in 1839, and Ashbourne in 1843.

However, plans for further expansion were halted, following a series of banking crises in the 1840s and 1850s. With investor confidence declining, many joint-stock banks were either forced to close, or accept a drop in their profits. Although the Bank survived intact, its directors resolved to consolidate business in just the three towns, for the time being. It was another 50 years before they opened their next branch.

Renewed Growth and Amalgamation

In 1890, the Bank resumed its expansion across the West Midlands, opening a branch in Swadlincote. The board was impressed by the amount of new business this generated, and by 1899, it had sanctioned the opening of eight further branches.

However, the Burton Union was still a relatively small joint-stock bank, and found it difficult to resist the advances of its larger competitors. The directors agreed that the best way to safeguard their customers’ interests would be to accept an offer of a takeover. In 1899, it was bought by Lloyds Bank.

Burton branch, c.1900
Burton branch, c.1900

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