Code Club

Inspiring the Next Generation of Coders

In 2016, we partnered up Code Club UK, with the aim to inspire children aged 9-11 to get excited about coding at after school Code Clubs across the UK.

We have over 360 colleagues already signed up to support the partnership, with volunteers from all parts of our business. There are no requirements to have digital or IT skills - instead, they become Digital Champions and we train them all to facilitate sessions on  basic programming using Scratch, HTML and Python. Our Digital Champions programme is also committed to highlighting the importance of internet safety and discussing the various possible careers working in the IT industry.

Digital Champions pledge to increase digital skills of two people or organisations each year - and the  IT For Schools Programme is a perfect opportunity for them to do so.

Equipping Student with New Skills

The aim is to equip students with the skills to programme interactive stories, games and animations and develop their coding capabilities, helping address the shortage of people being trained in computer science.

The students not only learn about coding, but also about problem solving - both of which are vital skills and something then can take through later life.

The children are also getting to meet our professional colleagues, which is very beneficial. If they have regular contact with professional people it can change their life expectations and outlook, further supporting our Helping Britain Prosper Plan.

Gareth Thomas, Senior Manager - Volunteering and Events, Lloyds Banking Group

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Over 4,500 schools and community venues have registered for Code Club across the country, which is part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation – a charity which  provides low-cost, high-performance computers that people use to learn, solve problems and have fun. They provide outreach and education to help more people access computing and digital making, and develop free resources to help people learn about computing.

Code Club sessions run once a week, during term time and usually last an hour.

Our main barrier for growth of Code Club UK is recruitment of volunteers, so this partnership is essential in providing that and the impact on the numbers we can reach. In the future, nearly every job will require some level of knowledge when it comes to understanding computers and how to programme computers, so Code Club is a great opportunity for children to be introduced to those skills early on.

Maria Quevedo, Director of Code Club UK


Already feeling the benefits of Lloyds Bank volunteers is Farsley Farfield Primary School in Pudsey, Leeds. The school has gone from a teacher pupil ratio of one to 20, to one to six or seven, helping to spark the children's interest in coding which they can then develop when they get to high school.

As a code club teaching assistant your job isn’t to be a coding wizard, it’s about being enthusiastic, keeping everyone motivated and asking the right questions. 

It's helpful if someone's stuck because Mrs. Carney might need to spend a while with them but we have the two extra Lloyds volunteers to help. They might show us but they don't do it for us.

Chloe, Code Club student, Farsley Farfield Primary School


Helping People Prosper

People across Britain are facing significant challenges. We’re helping to address them through our Helping Britain Prosper Plan. We believe no other bank is better placed to do this. We already serve approximately 25 million customers and 1 million small businesses but we want to be more than a bank. We want to go beyond business as usual and help address systemic social and economic challenges such as Britain’s housing shortage, the skills gap in key industries, social mobility and social disadvantage.

In 2016 we achieved 6 of our 9 people targets:

- Providing 1 in 4 of all new build mortgages.

- Receiving more than 280,000 customer visits to our Retirement Planning website.

- Meeting engagement targets for our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual colleagues, helping to build a diverse and inclusive business.

- Continuing to make progress against our target that 40%