Helping customers who are living with cancer

Working with Macmillan

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is stressful for customers, their families and their friends. Money worries are commonplace too, whether it's time off work, extra costs associated with treatment, or travel to and from hospital.

We have been working with Macmillan for some time now, to reduce money worries for people living with cancer, by providing specific services and financial support following a diagnosis. 

Two-way initiative

Macmillan has trained a number of our colleagues working in specialist customer facing teams across the Group.  Colleagues are able to support customers to manage their money in ways that suit their personal needs whilst being able to direct customers to Macmillan for emotional and practical support.

In turn, Macmillan’s financial guidance team actively refer clients directly to our Cancer Support Team. This two-way initiative means customers gain the support they need from an emotional, practical and financial perspective. 

Two-way initiative

Supporting vulnerable customers

We’re committed to make our products and services accessible to all customers, including those with illnesses or disabilities. Our partnership with Macmillan is one of many initiatives designed to address specific vulnerabilities.

Others include practical measures and tools to make our branches and websites fully accessible.

“Being able to refer customers to the Lloyds Banking Group Cancer Support Team gives us confidence that they will receive the best support from a team trained by Macmillan.”

Louise, Financial Guide