Through our high street brands, we’re an integral part of communities across Britain. We believe we can make our greatest contribution to society by helping Britain’s communities prosper - when local communities prosper, so do individuals, households and businesses.

We’ve made a public commitment in our Helping Britain Prosper Plan to bring communities together to help them thrive through the number of colleague volunteering hours we provide; the number of community organisations supported; the money we donate to the Bank’s Foundations and the fundraising we do for our Charity of the Year. You can read more about our Helping Britain Prosper Plan here.

We contribute to our local communities in many ways. We run a number of community investment programmes, focused on three core themes: education, employability and enterprise. We encourage colleagues to volunteer their time and expertise to support these programmes, and others – many of which are focused on local charities and social enterprises.

We’ve developed some of the programmes ourselves, whilst others are the results of collaborations with community organisations, for example the School for Social Entrepreneurs.