WHAT ARE THE qualities we look for?

We ask all our Halifax colleagues to live and breathe our three unique brand behaviours and embody them in every interaction with customers, they are:

Down to earth

We speak to people on their level and show a genuine interest in their lives, interests and concerns.

Being down to earth means we approach people in a natural, friendly and considerate way. Often it means taking extra time to be chatty, warm and informal, but always being 100% professional.


We have an energetic and positive presence, and like to take the initiative.

Being enthusiastic means we are a team of self-starters. We don’t wait for someone else to take the initiative when we can take it ourselves. We love looking on the bright side of an issue, this optimism helps customers feel at ease and gives them confidence that we can solve any problems they come to us with.


We think on our feet and spot opportunities to give a little bit extra.
We always look to help and we find fresh and creative solutions to tough or familiar problems.

We always take extra care to get things done quickly and efficiently, after all it means we have even more time to offer extra bright ideas.

To hear our colleagues bring these behaviours to life, please click here.

If that sounds like you and you’d love to put those qualities to good use, just get in touch. You could soon be on your way to giving our customers extra.

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