Customer Operations

Customer Operations

Department Overview

Customer Operations plays a major role in helping millions of personal and commercial banking customers achieve their everyday banking and insurance needs, from a range of locations across the UK – helping us to become the best bank for customers.

A wide range of customer needs

We open banking and savings accounts for customers to meet their everyday needs. We help customers own their own home and support their ongoing borrowing needs by opening a new mortgage, We help customers save and invest for retirement through our Life, Pensions & Investments teams.

We service our customers’ in a variety of ways – over the phone, by letter or via email. We provide support and guidance to our customers when it matters most. We support customers when the unexpected happens.

We support our commercial banking customers by opening their business accounts and supporting their needs as the business grows.

Meet our colleagues

Our colleagues come from all walks of life, all dedicated to putting our customers at the heart of what they do. Find out what they have to say about working at Lloyds Banking Group.

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