Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Department Overview

Relationship managers have a holistic approach to a client’s wealth. By building a unique relationship based on absolute and unwavering trust, you will offer a complete range of tailored private banking solutions.

This is a face-to-face role, based in 500 locations around the UK. You’ll be a gateway to a broad range of solutions including lending and deposits, cash and trade facilitation, wholesale markets, specialist finance and wealth management.

You’ll be driving our market share whilst balancing risk, profitability and balance sheet priorities, and working with assets ranging from individual wealth through to corporations with more than £500 million turnover.

No matter how large the figure, the real bottom line is about dealing with people.

What you can expect

Because what we do matters to customers every role in our team is built on a passion for putting customers first, recognising the importance of working collaboratively as part of a team.

We need people who can earn a great reputation for the highest standards of responsible behaviour – where being a responsible business drives decision-making and helps put into practice our commitment to strive to always do the right thing.

And because growing our people matters we cultivate exceptional peer groups, mentoring and training for everyone to make the most of our people’s talents, helping building careers that matters, and learning skills that open up opportunities across people’s working lives.

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Our colleagues come from all walks of life, all dedicated to putting our customers at the heart of what they do. Find out what they have to say about working at Lloyds Banking Group.

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