Business Digital Index

UK Business Digital Index

Technology is changing our world at a speed never seen before. The digital economy is growing twice as fast as the wider economy at a rate of nearly £100bn per year. Tech investment has hit a peak of nearly £7bn. With such momentum, it is no coincidence that since we launched this study in 2014, the number of organisations with high digital capability has more than doubled. 

This year's Index examines actual online behaviours coupled with a survey of 2,000 small businesses and charities. We have also for the first time examined digital leadership and the impact of a digital mindset.

Helping Britain Prosper

At Lloyds Banking Group, we are continuing our commitment to Help Britain Prosper; we have made a direct commitment as part of the Government's Digital Skills Partnership to provide digital skills training to 700,000 individuals, small businesses and charities this year. That's part of a larger Group pledge to reach 2.5m by 2020, an initiative we are immensely proud of. Read more about the UK Business Digital Index here.