Helping Britain Prosper

We are committed to help Britain trade, build and grow.

Helping Britain Trade. Committed to increasing our business lending by up to £2bn in 2017

Helping Britain Trade

We’re committed to increasing our net lending to SMEs and Mid-Market businesses by up to £2bn in 2018 and we’ll help 5,000 of our clients export for the first time.

Helping businesses

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Helping Britain Build. Lending up to £10bn to help people move into their first home in 2017

Helping Britain Build

We’re lending up to £10bn to help people move into their first home in 2018 and we’ll provide £750m of new funding for the Social Housing sector.


Helping Britain Prosper Plan 2018

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Helping Britain Grow. Aiming to create over 8,000 apprenticeships with permanent employment by 2020.

Helping Britain Grow

We’re supporting a further 700,000 individuals, SMEs and charities to develop their digital skills in 2018 and we’re creating 1,000 apprenticeships within the group which will result in permanent employment.

Helping people

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