Consent Solicitation Memorandum

Lloyds Bank Covered Bond Series 2011-5, 2012-4, 2012-16 and 2015-2.

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  • In order to participate in the Consent Solicitation (as defined in the Consent Solicitation Memorandum), you must be (1) a person other than a U.S. person (as defined in Regulation S under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended); (2) located and resident outside the United States; and (3) otherwise a person to whom the Consent Solicitation can be lawfully made. You confirm that: 

    (a) you are a holder or a beneficial owner of the Covered Bonds; 

    (b) you are not a U.S. person and are not acting for the account or benefit of any U.S. person, and that you are not located or resident in the United States; 

    (c) you are otherwise a person to whom it is lawful to send the Consent Solicitation Memorandum; 

    (d) you shall not pass on the Consent Solicitation Memorandum to any third party or otherwise make the Consent Solicitation Memorandum publicly available; 

    (e) you consent to the delivery of the Consent Solicitation Memorandum and other related documents to you by electronic transmission; and 

    (f) you have understood and agreed to the terms set forth.

Consent Solicitation Memorandum