Digital Champions

How to setup a Digital Champions Programme


In the UK today there are 11.5 million people without basic digital skills. This is having a direct impact on the lives of people who are unable to access the many services and benefits we all take for granted. It is also impacting on the UK economy where there are estimates that this costs £63bn per year.

To help our communities and the wider UK to prosper, at Lloyds Banking Group we have over 25,000 Digital Champions supporting colleagues, customers, volunteering in their local communities as well as helping family and friends to improve their digital skills.

Each Digital Champion pledges to increase the digital skills of at least two individuals, business or charities each year; supporting a number of different digital campaigns through key partnerships and local initiatives.

In association with Digital Skills Partnership, the following videos and booklets have been created to support other organisations in launching and embedding their own Digital Champions programme. With 45% of people in the UK getting online through help from family and friends*, face to face digital upskilling is increasingly important.

Together we can reduce the digital divide by providing “trusted faces in local places”.

*Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index 2017

Chapter 1 – Setting up a Digital Champions Programme

This chapter will provide an overview of the importance of setting up a Digital Champions programme in your organisation, how digital skills can help individuals, businesses and charities in UK and the difference Digital Champions can make to improve the digital skill level of others.

Chapter 2 – How to Launch a Digital Champions Programme in your organisation

This chapter will provide an understanding of the key steps to take when setting up and embedding a Digital Champions programme into your organisation to ensure the programme is a success and becomes a core part of your strategy.

Chapter 3 – How to effectively engage and get your colleagues active as Digital Champions

This chapter will highlight the different ways to effectively engage and activate your Digital Champions, through digital campaigns and key partnerships to help them support colleagues, customers and in their local communities.

Chapter 4 – How to train, support and provide recognition to you Digital Champions

This chapter explains the different tools and resources needed to train and support Digital Champions, providing guidance on how you can recognise the great work achieved by Digital Champions in your organisation.

Chapter 5 – Our experience as a Digital Champion in Lloyds Banking Group

In this chapter Lloyds Banking Group Digital Champions talk about their experiences, sharing stories and incite about how the programme as changed their lives as well as the people and organisations they have helped.

All Chapters - full length video

Feature length video containing all five chapters on how to set up a Digital Champions programme.

Supporting Documents

The “How to set up a Digital Champions Programme” videos provide advice and guidance on the importance of why a Digital Champions Programmes is key to helping Britain Prosper with an accompanying booklet to give further information and resources.

Each chapter will cover how to set up and embed a Digital Champions programme within your organisation, how to effectively communicate and engage with your colleagues, suggested training supporting materials and recognition as well as an opportunity to hear from Lloyds Banking Group Digital Champions about their experience.


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