Supporting UK Businesses

Supporting Businesses Factsheet

Lloyds Banking Group is committed to helping businesses of all types and sizes, offering them the funding and support they need to grow at home and abroad.

Below you will find our most recent Supporting Businesses Factsheet updated.

Supporting UK Businesses

Key highlights from he latest update (February 2020):

  • £3.4bn increase net lending since 2018 to start-up, SME and Mid-Market busineses
  • 36% increase inSME net lending since start of 2011, while the market contracted by 11%
  • £1bn provided to the Agriculture sector
  • 17.4m sq ft of real estate space between 2018-2020 supported to become more energy efficient as part of our Green Lending Initiative
  • £365m invested in 18 mid-market firms funded by LDC

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