Charity Donations Up 95% over the Past Decade

20 June 2012

Charity giving in the UK has nearly doubled over the past decade, according to new research by Halifax. Donations in the UK - that have been subject to Gift Aid – have risen by 95% in real terms (i.e. after allowing for inflation) over the past decade from £2.0 billion in 2000/01 to £3.8 billion in 2010/11.

Anthony Warrington, director of current accounts, Halifax said:
"The increase in charity giving over the past decade has been significant and partly reflects the growth in personal wealth over the period. Charitable giving has also proved relatively resilient during the economic downturn with more people giving to good causes despite a fall in the average amount given per person."
“The research indicates, however, that charity donations are likely to be susceptible to an adverse change in household finances. 72% of people would stop donating financially to charity if they felt that they could no longer afford it and two in five people who currently donate would not be willing to give up anything to maintain their charity donations.”

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