Women are secret squirrels as they keep money hidden from their partners

27 February 2016

More than one in 10 Scots in relationships (12%) have a secret stash that their partner is unaware of, the latest Bank of Scotland How Scotland Lives research has uncovered. Women are the most secretive with just under a sixth (14%) confessing to stashing money away from their partner.

A fifth of Glaswegians (19%) and Dundonians (18%) have a secret stash of money that their partner or spouse is unaware of, more than anywhere else in Scotland. Mid Scotland (4%) has the lowest number of secret squirrels.

While some admit to having money hidden away, a similar amount of partners (11%) suspect their other half of squirreling money away where they can’t access it. Of all the age groups, it’s the 45-54 year olds (15%) who suspect their partners of stashing cash.

Rachel Bright, Head of Customer Service at Bank of Scotland, said, “It’s interesting to see that one in ten Scots keep money hidden in an account that their partner or spouse doesn’t have access to, with females being guiltier of this than men. It’s great to see people saving and hopefully the money is being hidden away for holidays or emergency funds and not kept secret if there comes a time when the couple need money most.”