Lloyds Bank Mobile App ranks Top in UK

26 July 2016

Lloyds Bank’s mobile banking app has been ranked top for functionality when compared to other banking apps in the UK and has been ranked 4th in Europe and joint 8th in the world. The app was reviewed alongside other evaluated mobile banking apps across the world in the 2016 Global Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark report by Forrester Research, which compares the mobile banking services of 46 banks worldwide.

 Forrester, a globally recognised research and advisory firm, said in another report, the 2016 UK Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark, that Lloyds Bank had extensive mobile banking functionality and advanced customer features. The Lloyds Bank app was the only evaluated banking app in the UK reported to:  

Show pending transactions in the transaction history page, to help customers work out the difference between actual and available balances.

Enable customers to notify the bank when and where they will be travelling abroad to prevent perceptions of fraudulent transactions on their account and their card being blocked unnecessarily.

Let existing customers compare products side by side.

The app was also recognised for its focus on keeping customers safe, providing information on the tactics used by fraudsters when customers add a new payee to their account and also providing customers with more information for if their cards are lost or stolen allowing them to report and re-order cards quickly and easily within the app. 

Commenting on Lloyds Bank’s ranking in the reports Nick Williams, Consumer Digital Director at Lloyds Banking Group, said: "We are continually improving our mobile services to meet our customers’ needs and responding to their feedback. We are delighted that we have been recognised as providing the most extensive banking app functionality in the UK and top 10 globally. We know this is important to our customers and can see from our four and five star App Store ratings they like it too."