Budding businesses get a digital boost

27 May 2016

Entrepreneurs from across the Capital unlock digital potential 

Entrepreneurs and budding business owners have gathered at Lloyds Bank in Clapham to participate in a Google Digital Garage training to help them better understand the benefits being online can bring to their businesses.

Local swimming class instructors, micro brewers and restauranteurs were amongst the attendees of the session hosted by Lloyds and led by Google, designed to help participants understand how they could promote their business by enhancing their websites and creating engaging content for potential customers. The session also looked at how businesses can tap into consumer insights and measure their success online.

Google’s Digital Garages focus on assisting local businesses, start-ups, and anyone interested in a ‘digital tune-up’ to learn the skills they need to make the most of the web. They look to equip businesses with the knowledge they need to “turbocharge” growth, with the workshops acting as a one stop shop.

Each of the businesses had registered to attend the event after being invited by email as a Lloyds business customer, or seeing notices in the local Chamber of Commerce, School for Social Entrepreneurs or the Lloyds Bank branch.

Issam Abid, who recently opened Suburb SW11 on Falcon Road with his business partner Deepeah Shrestha, was one of the attendees at the event. Having opened the restaurant and bar just over a month ago, the pair were already starting to realise the benefits of maximising the business’ online presence. 

Issam said: “We’d known from the outset that we need to make good progress online, particularly opening up in the hospitality industry where people value the convenience of things like web based reservation services. The session re-highlighted the value of being online and identified really useful tools that you can use to ensure what you’re doing online is being effective. Knowing that your time and money is being well spent is essential to any business but especially when you are just starting out.”       

The session was followed by a networking event where the businesses were able to discuss what they’d learnt with their peers as well as representatives from Google and Lloyds Bank. 

Ed Thurman, Group Ambassador for London said: “We know that there are a number of small businesses and start-ups in Clapham that are hindered by a lack of basic digital skills which can have an impact on the future potential of these businesses. I’m very pleased that through our partnership with Google, attendees have become more digitally empowered and learnt new skills and knowledge which they can apply directly in their businesses.”