18 July 2017

The new Bank of Scotland £10 polymer note will come into circulation on 10 October

The design of the note was unveiled in May. It retains the portrait of the Scottish novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott, on the front alongside the image of The Mound, the historic head office of the Bank of Scotland. The famous Glenfinnan Viaduct remains on reverse of the design, but now features a steam locomotive hauling a heritage tourist train.

The polymer note, designed by the banknote manufacturer, De La Rue, incorporates the enhanced security features introduced on the polymer £5 note, including the anti-counterfeit ‘window effect’ which will be built into the windows of the image of The Mound, and the ‘rolling bar’ metallic ink which changes colour as you move the note. It will also include a new ‘Tactile Emboss’ - created by a series of raised dots - which will aid the visually impaired.

Withdrawal of paper £10
All existing paper Bank of Scotland £10 notes will be gradually withdrawn following the issue of the new note, but any in circulation will continue to hold their value and be accepted at shops, banks and cash payment machines.