A nation of bookkeepers: Brits more confident in their own finances than the country’s

29 August 2018

  • Just 40% have confidence in UK economy
  • Whereas two thirds are happy with their own personal finances
  • 30% of millennials have seen disposable income increase
  • Homeowners report to being more optimistic about finances than renters

Whilst just two in five (40%) have confidence in the UK’s finances, a clear majority (66%) feel their own finances are in order; the latest Lloyds Bank Spending Power Report has shown.

Almost half (46%) of people lack confidence in the UK’s current employment situation, yet 81% are comfortable with their own job security. Likewise, 54% report a gloomy outlook on inflation which would normally indicate a potential squeeze on spending, however four in five (80%) report having disposable income after bills and essentials have been paid for.

In fact, over two thirds (69%) of people feel they either have the same amount or more disposable income than they did at the start of 2018. And it is millennials who are most likely to report the increase in spare change, with 30% of those between 18 and 24 experiencing an increase in disposable income since the start of the year (vs 27% of 25-34, 15% of 35-44 and 11% of 45-64).

Robin Bulloch, Managing Director of Lloyds Bank, said:

"During this heightened period of economic uncertainty in the UK, it’s understandable that many will err on the side of caution when considering the future of the country’s finances."

"Therefore, the optimism and resilience shown by people in their own finances is great to see. This demonstrates that people are really taking control of their finances and effectively managing their money."

The true cost of living

The resoluteness of Brits in their finances is even more remarkable given increases in essential household spend. Lloyds’ analysis of its own internal data has shown consumers’ essential spend has increased 3% since last July. This has mainly been driven by people spending nearly 3% more on groceries across the same period, and a 10% rise in fuel spend reflecting recent sharp rises in pump prices.  

Homeowner optimism vs renter pessimism

Even with these significant increases to household spend, household finances are in good shape with nearly two thirds (63%) confident in their position.

However, a gap between the optimism of buyers and renters is evident. Over half (51%) of homeowners feel positive about the current level of inflation, against just 36% of renters. Homeowners are also more confident with the UK’s employment situation (60% vs 44%), the UK’s