13 March 2018

The Chancellor, in his Spring Statement speech today announced that the Government will continue to support Home England’s investment in the Housing Growth Partnership (HGP) by committing to a further £60m. The investment will be matched by Lloyds Banking Group, nearly two years to the day after the initial investment was made by both parties.

Established in 2015, HGP has already committed to deliver c.2000 homes across 35 sites in the UK by partnering with small and mid-sized builders who cannot easily access development finance.

The combined investment builds on the previous £100m from Lloyds and Homes England and will help our partners to deliver around £1bn of new homes by summer 2019. It also provides ongoing security to a number of firms for their funding and the opportunity to support more builders across the UK.

Beyond access to funding, the HGP’s partners have benefitted from 1,500 hours of mentoring to help support sustainable growth in housing delivery.

Andy Hulme, CEO and Head of Fund for Housing Growth Partnership said, “Today’s announcement of further funding marks another significant milestone in the evolution of the Housing Growth Partnership. This supports our core purpose of accelerating the delivery of homes across the UK through our partnerships with small and mid-sized housebuilders.”

Nick Walkley, Chief Executive of Homes England said, “The Housing Growth Partnership shows what is achieved when we partner with the private sector and double the amount of capital  available to lend to SMEs, offering excellent value for money for the tax payer.

“Homes England is harnessing Lloyds commercial skills and contacts and our investment capital to provide a new source of funding for SME developers who will then build more than 3,400 new additional homes in England.”