Looking after number one: Brits invest their way to inner peace

19 April 2018

  • Almost two thirds (64%) of Brits say they’ll spend the same or more on wellness in 2018 as they did last year
  • 23% of Brits invest time in wellbeing at least once per day
  • 1 in 4 UK adults find calmness in colouring books

New research from MBNA confirms that Brits continue to invest in number one, with almost two thirds (64%) indicating that they will spend the same or more on wellness - the pursuit of physical, mental and social wellbeing - throughout 2018 as they did last year.

The latest MBNA figures back up forecasts from PwC[1], which suggest that Brits
are estimated to spend £24bn per year on wellness by 2020, up from £20bn in 2015.

Almost three quarters (74%) of those surveyed opt to spend up to £100 each year on wellness. And while it doesn’t have to cost a penny, there are many different products and services that are tempting Brits to transact their way to tranquillity. More than three in five (63%) spend on nutrition such as organic food, health food subscriptions and vitamins, while 50% have bought a digital activity tracker or downloaded an app to find wellness at the touch of a button. Almost a quarter (24%) have found calm in colouring or dot-to-dots, just over one in five (22%) have bought mindfulness books and magazines and almost one in six (16%) have been to a yoga or meditation class.

Motivations for opening our ‘wellness wallets’ vary too. Of those surveyed, a third (32%) want to feel better about themselves, while 29% want to feel healthier and 28% want to reduce or get rid of stress.


[1] https://www.pwc.co.uk/industries/healthcare/insights/capture-the-growth-the-opportunities-for-new-entrants-in-healthcare-and-wellbeing.html