41% of Brits set to share cupid’s cuisine at home this year

13 February 2018

We prefer staying in to going out

The majority of Brits will be opting to have a cosy night in at home with their loved one on Valentine’s Day, spending an average £45 to rustle up a meal for two, according to research by MBNA.

A further 23% stay in and don’t cook anything special, whilst many couples may switch between going out and staying in from year to year, as a quarter didn’t have a preference.

The research and credit card transaction data from MBNA shows that supermarkets fuel the food of love, with sales for certain stores on Tuesday 14 February 2017 soaring by over half (54%), compared with sales on a standard Tuesday.

More than one in three of those eating at home will opt for a juicy steak for their romantic evening in, with 39% saying a prime cut of beef would be their meal of choice.

The young spare no expense

Of the 10% who do dine out on Valentine’s night, it’s young people aged 18-24 who are most likely to push the boat out, spending an average £65 on a romantic dinner for two. More than a fifth choose to dine in Italian restaurants on Valentine’s Day, with steakhouses finishing second at 12%.

Some of us are just too busy to celebrate

For those who choose to dine in, 44% say it’s because they’re just too busy to celebrate and more than a quarter (27%) see Valentines as ‘just another day’. Saving money is the most popular reason for not going out on Valentine’s Day, with 58% of women and 41% of men saying it’s why they stay in.