The new Halifax Reward Current Account

01 June 2020

  • New benefits to choose from including movie downloads and cinema tickets

Today marks the launch of the newest current account on the market, the Halifax Reward Current Account.

Bringing with it a host of great new benefits, the account is tailor-made to reward loyal customers, who chose to hold their main account with Halifax.

Customers who sign up will be able to pick one reward from the following:

Stream Movies at home

Stream two movies a month throughout the year with Rakuten TV, worth up to £120.

Watch movies at the cinema

One free Vue cinema ticket a month, each valid for one year. Film-goers will also get half price popcorn.


A choice of three digital magazines from a host of well-known titles, including*

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Men’s Health
  • Red
  • Good Housekeeping


Or simply chose a £5 monthly cash reward


We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to reward customers who chose to bank with us. The new and improved Reward Current Account does just that, bringing with it a host of exciting new lifestyle benefits, from movies and magazine downloads, to cash in the pocket, alongside up to 15% cashback on purchases from selected retailers.

Philip Robinson, Director of Current Accounts

Customers’ selections are valid for a 12 month period and then they will be invited to choose again for the next year.

The Halifax Reward Current Account will be available to new and existing customers for sole or joint accounts. It is aimed at rewarding those that hold a main banking relationship with Halifax and will be free for anyone who pays £1500 into the account each month, and will otherwise carry a £3 monthly ‘maintaining the account’ fee. However, to allow time for customers to get used to their new reward account, the £3 fee will not be applied until September 2020.

People looking to take advantage of the benefits need to meet the requirements for a fee free account, stay in credit and;

  • Spend £500 on their debit card in the month; OR
  • Keep £5000 in their account throughout the month

Halifax also launches new fee free Halifax Current Account

In April, Halifax complemented its range of current accounts with the new Halifax Current Account, which does not charge a fee. This account still comes with a host of features, including Cashback Extras, which enables customers to earn up to 15% cashback on their everyday spending, from selected retailers.