Lloyds Banking Group announces new measures to support vulnerable customers

31 March 2020

  • New dedicated telephone service launched for over 70s
  • New process to allow a trusted person limited access to an account
  • Prioritising calls from NHS workers and vulnerable customers

We’re announcing a range of new measures to offer more practical support to our most vulnerable customers during this difficult time. These apply to customers of Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

We’re writing to over three million customers to explain the support available, including a guide on how best to manage their money and stay safe from fraud.

Dedicated telephone service for over 70s

Colleagues are working hard to help customers and because our telephone lines are incredibly busy, we have introduced a new telephone service for those over 70. This is a dedicated phone number to help those who need our support the most. The number is included in the letters and emails we’re sending to these customers.  

We are also identifying any other customers who may need extra support at this time, such as NHS workers, or those who have previously informed us that they have specific service needs because of a vulnerability, and we will be prioritising their calls through our existing lines where possible.

Granting account access to a trusted person

Online and mobile banking provides the simplest way to manage a bank account from home. However, for those who don’t bank digitally, we understand that making payments and accessing cash may be more difficult at the moment if they are unable to leave their home.

We’re explaining to customers that if they can’t get to one of our branches, but have a trusted person that they would like to help them, such as a friend, family member or volunteer, we can now help put this in place.

Customers should ask the trusted person to come in and talk to our branch colleagues and provide suitable ID to confirm who they are (passport or photo driving licence). The branch will then phone the customer to make sure they know this person and agree that they can act on their behalf. We will need a valid phone number on record to do this. As an additional security measure, withdrawals will be capped at £100.

Our colleagues are working tirelessly to support customers at this difficult time. The new measures we’ve announced will allow us to offer more practical support to our most vulnerable customers, ensuring we can prioritise their calls and give them access to their cash.

Vim Maru, Retail Director Lloyds Banking Group

Paying by cheque

For customers unable to make online payments, cheques continue to be a useful alternative, such as when paying neighbours or volunteers for collecting groceries.

We can issue a new or replacement cheque book if customers text us (instructions below) or if they call us.

If someone receiving a cheque banks with us, they can also pay it in using our mobile app, rather than visiting a branch.

Maintaining our branch service

We aim to keep as many branches open as we can, depending on the availability of colleagues. The vast majority of our branches remain open to support customers with their essential needs and those who may be in financial difficulty. Updates are available on our website so customers can check before travelling.

Branches are currently open between the hours of 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday. We’re also aiming to keep all our cash machines stocked and available, dependent on colleague availability. Customer demand for cash is currently below usual levels.

All of our branches now display clear and prominent notices explaining the need to adhere to social distancing, and we know this may mean that queues appear longer. Branches have also been supplied with social distancing markers and plastic shielding screens.

To help keep everyone as safe as possible, we ask that customers only visit a branch when it is essential for them to do so.

Other support measures

The measures announced today are in addition to those already in place to support customers, such as no missed payment fees, interest free overdrafts of £300 and repayment holidays.

How to order a new cheque book

Order requests

  • Order a new or replacement cheque book online or through our mobile app.
  • Or, order via text (you don’t need to be registered for text alerts to do so). Follow the instructions below and we’ll send you a message back to let you know we’ve received it:
    - Send a text to 61119.
    - Include these details: To order a cheque book: CHQ (space) your six-digit sort code (space) your eight-digit account number. For example: ‘CHQ 123456 12345678’.