Bank of Scotland

Decisions well made

For over 320 years, Bank of Scotland’s focus has been on supporting the people, businesses and communities of Scotland.

Today, people’s journeys through life have never been more diverse. Making progress towards their goals involves many decisions about money, big and small, every day. 

That’s where Bank of Scotland can help, with the support and guidance customers need to make well-informed financial decisions. We work hard to ensure our customers get the very best service. Our colleagues have an average of 14 years’ experience - considerable knowledge and expertise to help customers get on in life.

We are a reassuring financial partner to over 2.8 million personal customers and 150,000 commercial customers, served through a network of branches. For those living in locations that are harder to reach, digital channels (internet banking and mobile app) as well as the mobile branch service, ensure customers are always able to receive help and support, no matter where they are.

We offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services – shaped to suit individual needs, from current accounts, savings, mortgages, loans, credit cards, to private banking and wealth management services. 

To find out more about Bank of Scotland and its full range of products and services visit the website.


Bank of Scotland

Helping Scottish business thrive

Just as it has done for the past 320 years, Bank of Scotland continues to invest in and support Scottish businesses.  Our specialist knowledge and expertise enables Bank of Scotland to meet the lending needs of business, building strong partnerships with a wide range of business customers. 

From sole traders to FTSE 100 companies and providing a full banking service to thousands of organisations through a network of experienced Relationship Managers - experienced business experts who can help businesses grow and prosper.

Helping our communities

Bank of Scotland believes in making a real contribution to communities it serves, bringing positive change to the lives of young people and supporting programmes such as the Great Scottish Run and Children in Need.

Over 300 years of expertise in Scotland

Bank of Scotland is a retail and commercial bank steeped in heritage. Based in Edinburgh, it is Scotland’s oldest bank and has been a pillar of the Scottish business establishment since its foundation in 1695 by an Act of the Scottish Parliament, making it the oldest brand in the Lloyds Banking Group family of brands. 

The bank was set up primarily to help develop Scotland's trade, mainly with England and the Low Countries. Throughout its history, it has been a pioneer for change.  In 1696 it was the first commercial bank in Europe to successfully issue banknotes, something it does to this day.  In 1959 it was the first bank in the UK to install a computer to process accounts and in 1985, before the internet was widely available, it launched the Home and Office Banking Service (HOBS) which allowed customers to manage their accounts using a television and a telephone line.

Bank of Scotland became part of Lloyds Banking Group in 2009.

Today, Bank of Scotland proudly continues to support the people, businesses and communities of Scotland.

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