Halifax makes things happen

At Halifax we’re the friendly can-do people who make things happen for our customers.

From mutual beginnings...  

In December 1852 a small group gathered in the Old Cock Inn in Halifax, which is still there today, to set up an investment and loan society, for the mutual benefit of local working people; that loan society would eventually become the world's largest building society. Those with spare cash could invest it; others could then borrow, using the funds to buy or build a house.

By Christmas that year the Halifax Permanent Benefit Building Society was formally established. On 26th May 1853, Esau Hanson became the first person ever granted a mortgage by the Halifax, borrowing £121 to buy land on St. John's Lane.

Within a year there were 584 members and a further 144 depositors. More than £9,000 had been lent, with another £2,000 agreed for homes being built.

In 1913 assets reached £3 million and the Halifax became the largest building society in the world. By 1927 assets had risen to some £27 million. In 1928 Halifax Permanent merged with the Halifax Equitable, creating the Halifax Building Society. With assets of £47 million this new society was some five times the size of its nearest peer.


...to new player on the high street

In 1986, new legislation allowed building societies to increase their range of financial services. The Halifax steadily diversified into personal banking. 

Then in February 1997 its members voted overwhelmingly in favour of conversion to plc status. The subsequent flotation on 2nd June was the largest the Stock Market had seen and created some 7.5 million shareholders overnight.

Making it happen for customers

The Halifax is a unique brand on the high street, with its own way of doing things.  The Halifax team is determined to make things easier for customers, removing barriers and complexity from their everyday lives. Halifax colleagues are integral to the brand and go the extra mile to make things happen for their customers, showing them how much they are appreciated. 

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