Lloyds Bank

By your side, for your next step

For over 250 years, Lloyds Bank is proud to have served the people, businesses and communities of Britain.

Whatever your next step, Lloyds Bank will be by your side. Whether you’re starting a family, buying a new home, opening for business, changing direction, or dealing with the unexpected,  Lloyds Bank are here to provide the support and guidance to face your next steps with confidence.

With over 1,000 high street branches, award-winning online, mobile and telephone banking services, supported by a network of Commercial Banking and Private Banking relationship managers across England and Wales, Lloyds Bank is one of the UK’s leading retail and commercial banks serving millions of customers, every day.

We offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services –shaped to suit individual needs, from current accounts, savings, mortgages, loans, credit cards, private banking and wealth management services.  We are the UK’s biggest provider of start-up finance for small businesses.  Through a network of over a hundred commercial banking offices, we provide support to UK businesses, from SMEs to large corporates and financial institutions.

To find out about how Lloyds Bank can help you take your next step or for a full range of products and services, visit the website.

Lloyds Bank

Serving Britain for over 250 years

In June 1765, Taylors & Lloyds opened as a private bank in Birmingham. The bank was established by Sampson Lloyd, a Quaker and iron founder, and John Taylor, a Unitarian and cabinet maker along with their two sons. For nearly 100 years, the business prospered from a single Birmingham office. The association with the Taylor family ended in 1853.

Today, the Lloyds Bank black horse is one of the most iconic and enduring logos in the UK. But icons are not created overnight. In fact, the story of the black horse parallels the story of British banking itself. The logo dates back to at least 1677 when it was used by London’s Lombard Street goldsmiths, the forerunners of today’s modern banks. Then it was adopted by Barnetts, Hoares & Co on the same site, before being inherited by Lloyds Bank in 1884.

The black horse has now been in continuous use by Lloyds Bank for 130 years and today is one of the most recognised British icons a bold symbol of the bank’s heritage, strength and stability.

Decades of mergers saw Lloyds Bank grow from its Birmingham base to a national and international bank. Along the way Lloyds Bank took over the firm that invented the Travellers cheque, launched the first ATM machine in the UK (which it called Cashpoint®) and played a leading role in the launch of one of the first UK credit cards.

In 1995 Lloyds Bank and TSB merged to create Lloyds TSB, forming one of the largest forces in British domestic banking.  In January 2009, in the midst of a global financial crisis, Lloyds TSB took over HBOS plc. The new company, Lloyds Banking Group, instantly became the largest retail bank in the UK.

On 9th September 2013 Lloyds TSB once again became two separate banks. More than 630 branches were brought together across Britain to form the new TSB. And the iconic black horse logo was given a makeover for the return of Lloyds Bank on the high street.

Today, Lloyds Bank proudly continues in its commitment to serve households, people and communities across the UK; dedicated to helping Britain prosper.

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