Money for Life

Inspiring a generation to make the most of their money

As part of our ambition to help Britain prosper, Lloyds Banking Group has funded UK Youth, in partnership with The Mix, to refresh and relaunch Money for Life over the next three years. From empowering young people to feel confident and start talking openly about money to providing high-quality training and crucial support systems; Money for Life will equip 16-25 year olds across the UK with the knowledge, life skills and provision needed to manage their money. 

We launched Money for Life in 2010 because we knew giving people access to the skills they need to manage their money more effectively can transform their lives.   From 2010 to 2015, Money for Life comprised two key elements: a Challenge, aimed at helping young people understand money management, and a set of Qualifications, helping those who help others understand how to provide money management education.

The Money for Life Challenge supported over 1,000 projects over its lifespan and six were subsequently awarded a Legacy Grant to continue their projects and make a longer lasting impact on their community. This was awarded a Business in the Community ‘Big Tick’ in 2014, read more about it here.

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To date, Lloyds Banking Group has accredited nearly 4,000 learners across the Teach Others and Money Mentors qualifications. In October 2016, we funded the relaunch of Money for Life by UK Youth in partnership with The Mix, for full information please visit the Money for Life website.

Money for Life Challenge winners 2014