Digital Skills

Digital Workshops

In 2016, nearly 1,400 people, charities and small businesses took part in 14 'Google Digital Garages' aimed at improving the digital skills of the country. The workshops are run in collaboration with the Group's Digital Inclusion team, Google and Reason Digital.

One of these events saw over 100 charities and small businesses attend a workshop in Birmingham.

“Being online has huge benefits for both businesses and charities, such as the potential for helping them grow, cost and time savings and increased sales and funding.”

Martin Dodd, Lloyds Banking Group's Ambassador for the Midlands

Lloyds Bank Digital Business Index

According to the recent Lloyds Bank Business Digital Index, the most digitally capable small businesses are more than twice as likely to report an increase in turnover than the least digital. And, digitally capable charities are 28% more likely to report an increase in funding.

Martin added: “Just over one in three small organisations in the UK do not have basic digital skills, which is why through our collaboration with Google, we can support small businesses and charities throughout the region to become more digitally capable.”

Financial and digital inclusion is a key priority for Lloyds Banking Group and is included in its Helping Britain Prosper Plan. These digital events are designed to help businesses and charities understand how an online presence can benefit them, and how social media and websites can be used to engage audiences as well as improving colleagues’ digital skills.

Workshop Overview

The half-day workshop began with an introduction from Jo Harris, MD of Retail Business Banking, followed by a presentation from Google's Digital Garage and a social media session by Reason Digital, ending with a networking session for all attendees.

The event was attended by a host of local businesses and charities, including Voluntary Action Coventry, Noah’s Ark, Birmingham Brewing Company and Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

“I found the whole day very informative and a valuable use of time. I was able to take a lot away to use within my own business, Card BazaR. It has sparked many ideas on things that I need to change, as well as new ideas for me to implement to help my business grow.”

Nicki Lloyd, Owner, Card BazaR


As well as these digital workshops, we hold Digital Leaders Salons bringing together a cross sector group of around 30 stakeholders to discuss a key digital topic of relevance to each region and includes a key speaker from Lloyds Banking Group. There are eight Salons planned for 2017 in collaboration with Digital Leaders.

The Digital Leaders programme serves as an independent, non-biased, non-lobbying focal point of engagement and resource network for individuals and organisations across the UK and beyond who are committed to delivering sustainable and innovative digital transformation.

The network has over 35,000 members, including central and local government representatives, non-profit organisations, Digital Businesses, SMEs and Academics.


Helping Communities Prosper

Communities across Britain are facing significant challenges. We’re helping to address them through our Helping Britain Prosper Plan. We believe no other bank is better placed to do this. We already serve approximately 25 million customers and 1 million small businesses but we want to be more than a bank. We want to go beyond business as usual and help address systemic social and economic challenges such as Britain’s housing shortage, the skills gap in key industries, social mobility and social disadvantage.

In 2016 we continued our support for communities by:

- Giving our four independent charitable Foundations £18.5m to tackle disadvantage.

- Completing more than 260,000 hours of colleague volunteering.  Skills-based volunteering, now accounts for 35% of the total time contributed by colleagues to support local organisations.

- Raising £6.1 million for our Charity of the Year, BBC Children in Need.

- Supporting credit unions across the country with our colleagues' expertise.

- Signing up 23,000 colleagues as Digital Champions to support people and organisations in their local communities – exceeding our original target to create 20,000 by 2017.

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