Building Britain’s Digital Skills

Building Britain’s Digital Skills

In 2017 we helped more than 708,000 people, small businesses and charities improve their digital skills. They include those who visited one of our Bank of Scotland Digizones, where our colleagues are helping people improve their digital skills.

The Digizones are dedicated spaces located in branches, where our colleagues can speak with and help customers and all members of the community with regards to getting online, using Wi-Fi, the benefits of digital, banking online or any general digital queries.

Betty is banking on digital

Bank of Scotland customer Betty is now banking online for the first time thanks to the free training that was provided in one of our Digizones.

Branch colleague, Counter Support, Jamie Kelly helped Betty to get online with regular sessions in the branch using Betty’s tablet.

Betty came into the branch and got talking to Jamie about her husband’s illness, specifically the impact that him no longer being able to drive, was having on her life.

Betty said she was feeling cut off from the world and unable to do basic things, like her shopping or banking, without relying on friends to drive her. Jamie invited Betty into the branch with her tablet for regular sessions to help Betty get online.

With his help, Betty is now able to manage her banking at home using the Bank of Scotland app.

Before I spent time with Jamie, I had to rely on someone else to do my food shopping and I would often end up with the wrong items or brands. Now I do all my shopping online and I can order exactly what I want!

Betty, Bank of Scotland customer.

changing lives

Our Lloyds Bank UK Business and Consumer Digital indexes, published annually, help us and our customers understand current and future digital trends.

We know from our Lloyds Bank 2017 Consumer Digital Index report that by being online and using discount or cashback websites the average amount of money people can save per year is £744.

It is recommended that organisations across all sectors engaging directly with those offline should do more to encourage and help people to develop their digital skills, which is exactly what we have done with customers like Betty.

Having made such a big impact on Betty’s life is an amazing feeling. I am really proud to say that the Bank has helped Betty and people like her, take control of their lives and feel more connected. The Digizone is a valuable asset to our community.

Jamie Kelly, Counter Support, Bank of Scotland Airdrie Branch

changing lives

Our commitment

Our Helping Britain Prosper Target is to train 1.8 million individuals, businesses and charities in digital skills by 2020.

The Helping Britain Prosper Plan was launched in 2014 and unites our Group and our colleagues to meet targets to address core socio-economic issues facing the UK.

We believe we can use our scale and reach to help people, businesses and communities to prosper, because we know that when Britain prospers, we can too.

You can find out more about the targets we have set here