Factsheets for all 650 constituencies in the UK, detailing key measures on the local economy and areas we support within each community through our Responsible Business agenda.

We very much welcome the service that Members of Parliament provide to communities across the country. They are serving many of our customers, employees and businesses.

As the UK's leading domestic, retail and commercial bank, our performance and that of the British economy are inextricably linked. Our Helping Britain Prosper Plan outlines the economic and social goals we have set ourselves and how we publicly measure our success. Given the considerable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our current focus and the priority for the next phase of our strategy is to Help Britain Recover.

These factsheets, for all 650 constituencies in the UK, detail measures on the health of the local economy, people's personal finance and our presence in the constituency. Use the links below to find the page for your local constituency and see what we're doing in your community.

How we're Helping Britain Prosper

Addressing some of the social, economic and environmental challenges facing the UK is the foundation of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan.

Find out more about our commitments and the impact we had in 2019.

Read more about our plan