Coronavirus (Covid-19) and working with suppliers

Update: 21 May 2020

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak you may have been contacted by your Lloyds Banking Group supplier management team. We continue to work with you to understand relevant preparations for any potential impacts the Coronavirus outbreak may have on your provision of goods / services to us.  This is because your goods / services underpin some of our critical business processes.

As we continue to work through these unprecedented circumstances, we are monitoring developments with the Coronavirus pandemic alongside the latest guidance from the UK Government and the World Health Organisation.

Please also refer to information about our approach to managing risk in the workplace:

Coronavirus and working with suppliers: September 2020 update

Anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus, or sharing accommodation with individuals displaying symptoms, should follow the relevant government guidance.  HM Government (UK) guidance includes more information about:

  • requesting a coronavirus test if you or a member of your household is showing symptoms
  • self-isolation.

Testing in the UK is now open to all members of the public although prioritisation of bookings will be given to essential workers when demand levels are high. This includes supplier colleagues previously identified by your firm as key workers to Lloyds Banking Group (and those they live with).  More information can be found on the UK Government website:

In addition, Lloyds Banking Group continues to maintain the following controls:

  • Colleagues who can perform their roles from home continue to do so and, where possible in line with the government guidance, we have colleagues supporting our essential business operations in accordance with social distancing guidelines from our buildings and branches.
  • We are not holding any face to face meetings with suppliers. Any meetings will be through the use of alternative formats and you can also contact us as normal.
  • We are committed to supporting our suppliers, especially those that provide resource to augment our operations or those identified as “key workers” in the face of the challenges presented by governmental restrictions.

We will also continue to make prompt payment for services provided to Lloyds Banking Group. We hope our suppliers appreciate the measures that we are taking, as outlined above. We also welcome any additional insight or ideas that can support our efforts to continue to provide the services our customers need. Please get in touch with your usual contacts if you want to discuss anything.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will keep in touch with our suppliers and we will make any relevant updates to this page.

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