RESPONSIBLe business

Responsible Business is our Business

As a responsible business we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

We deliver sustainable growth for our shareholders and benefit society and we can build colleagues’ pride in a bank that does business in the right way. We can lead the way in re-building public trust in the industry. 

We’re learning from our past mistakes, we’re listening to all of our stakeholders and using their insights and suggestions to help us shape a better kind of bank – a bank that puts customers first.

Through our relationships with millions of personal and business customers across the UK we are able to make a significant contribution to help Britain’s households, businesses and communities prosper.  This is demonstrated in our Responsible Business report and newly developed Helping Britain Prosper Plan.

Responsible Business: Annual Report

Our Responsible Business Report outlines how we aspire to do business in a responsible way. It provides a comparatively detailed account of our progress over the last year as well as our plans for the future.

The report sets out how we monitor our performance against the five pillars of responsible business set out in our Codes of Responsibility – customers, colleagues, communities, environment and stakeholders. With the development of our Helping Britain Prosper Plan, we will also go a step further in measuring and reporting against our public commitments.

Anita Frew presents the Helping Britain Prosper Plan

Anita Frew, Chair of our Responsible Business Committee gives a presentation at this year's AGM, setting out how the Helping Britain Prosper Plan forms a key part of our business strategy, to rebuild trust in the bank and in the wider industry.

Listen to Anita present our Helping Britain Prosper Plan


Responsible Business Chair

The Helping Britain Prosper Plan

Our Helping Britain Prosper Plan is centered around the following seven commitments, each of which are underpinned by long-term targeted metrics:

  1. We’ll help more customers get on the housing ladder – and more customers climb up it
  2. We’ll help our customers plan and save for later life
  3. We’ll take a lead in financial inclusion to enable all individuals to access, and benefit from, the products and services they need to make the most of their money
  4. We’ll help businesses to start up and scale up, and we will procure responsible
  5. We’ll help businesses and individuals succeed with expert mentoring and training
  6. We’ll be the banking Group that brings communities together to help them thrive
  7. We’ll better represent the diversity of our customer base and our communities at all levels of the Group

The targets we have set ourselves include supporting more than 80,000 first time buyers in 2014, lending over £1bn to SMEs on a net basis in 2014, having 40 percent of senior roles filled by women by 2020 and donating at least £100m to the bank’s Foundations between now and 2020.

The full Helping Britain Prosper Plan including all of the metrics and targets can be found in our 2013 Responsible Business report which has been published on our Responsible Business Hub