Becoming the best bank for customers

Our ambition is to become the best bank for customers and our purpose is to help Britain prosper.

Social housing for the North East

Group Chief Executive, António Horta-Osório, discusses our approach to doing business.

Helping remote communities in Scotland to prosper.

A responsible approach to doing business is integral to everything we do. It underpins our ambition to become the best bank for customers and our purpose to help Britain prosper. It is central to the Group strategy that we launched in 2014.

Delivering the key elements of this strategy - creating the best customer experience, becoming simpler and more efficient, and delivering sustainable growth - requires us to do business responsibly and address the issues that most concern our stakeholders. We aim to build a responsible business by ‘living’ our Group Values – putting customers first, keeping it simple, making a difference together – and working in line with our Codes of Responsibility. This ensures we do business honestly and ethically, in ways that benefit our customers, colleagues, local communities, stakeholders and the environment.

A responsible approach will help us rebuild trust with the people of Britain, as will our Helping Britain Prosper Plan. It sets out commitments to help tackle some of the big issues facing people in Britain today – including lack of affordable housing, the challenge of finding a job, the poverty premium affecting many on lower incomes and the health issues arising as people live longer.