1928: Halifax Moves North

Halifax branch at 119 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, 1928

Halifax branch at 119 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, 1928

The Halifax opened its first branch in Scotland on 14th May 1928, at 119 St Vincent Street, Glasgow.  Under the auspices of its manager, Frank Clayton, it was an 'instantaneous and outstanding success'.  A few months later a second branch was established on George Street in Edinburgh.

The Society's expansion northwards came during a period of rapid growth.  During the interwar years the Halifax developed into a truly national organisation.  1919 saw its first outpost in the south of England at Shaftesbury in Dorset.  This was followed a few years later by an office in London.  Branches in Northern Ireland and south Wales appeared in 1930 and 1936.

The Halifax brand is currently being relaunched in Scotland.  A branch opened in Aberdeen in 2013, and offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh are planned for 2014 - some 86 years after their original foundation!

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