Policy Compliance

Lloyds Banking Group is committed to introducing responsible business practices that make it easier for our suppliers to do business with us.

To support this commitment, we’ve introduced the Lloyds Banking Group Supplier Qualification System (SQS). It is designed to standardise and manage our requests for compliance and assurance data.

As the regulatory environment becomes more complex, it’s important that we can demonstrate to our stakeholders that we’re working responsibly with our suppliers to minimise risk and protect customers.

The introduction of the SQS provides a standard and simple mechanism for collecting and managing supplier assurance information across the Group.

The SQS is also an integral part of our sourcing process. Our Sourcing Specialists use the system to find pre-qualified suppliers to be considered for new business. Qualified supplier status gives visibility across Group Sourcing and, therefore, creates potential new business opportunities.

A copy of the Supplier Qualification System (SQS) brochure can be found here.