Building energy efficiency into Britain’s homes.


Access to quality, sustainable housing is becoming increasingly challenging, with at least 19 million of the UK’s 29 million homes needing to be more energy efficient, and more resilient to a changing climate.  As one of the largest funders of the UK  housebuilding sector, we’re uniquely placed to help change this. 

From the creation of sustainable new builds, to finding opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock, we’re supporting housebuilders every step of the way to provide the UK with sustainable homes they can live in and enjoy for many years.


UK homes currently account for


(almost a quarter) of the country’s total carbon emissions


They also account for 


of energy use


At least

19 million

of the UK’s homes need to become more energy efficient and resilient to climate change


Over a fifth of homeowners 


believe improving energy efficiency is the responsibility of house builders




Helping housebuilders create the green standard for future homes

With the built environment accounting for around 40% of CO2 emissions, housebuilders are under more pressure than ever to produce sustainable homes at pace.

We know we have an important role to play in supporting them with this task – ensuring a consistency of standards across the industry for more sustainable homes and providing the finance to help meet these requirements.

That’s why we joined the Executive Committee of NextGeneration, to help housebuilders assess their sustainability performance through a national sustainability benchmark. 

Find out more about NextGeneration

Housebuilding Sustainability Finance Framework

The UK needs around 340,000 new homes every year, just to keep up with demand. Improving the energy efficiency of our existing homes is also essential, with as many as 80% of these homes likely to still be occupied by 2050.

That’s why we have also launched a Sustainability Finance Framework. This sets out how we will help housebuilders access finance to build more sustainable homes.

To find out more about how housebuilders can access finance through one of our three propositions, read more about the framework

Housing Growth Partnership

As part of our commitment to increase the availability of high quality and sustainable homes, we have launched a £300m fund with Homes England.

With a target to support the development of 10,000 new homes by 2025, this partnership allows housebuilders to build more homes across the UK and prioritises projects with a greater focus on sustainability.

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