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Halifax is part of Lloyds Banking Group, the UK's leading financial services company that serves around 27 million customers. When you join Halifax, you’ll be part of something unique. We give extra to everyone and commit to making customers better off through great value products. Our people are friendly and down-to-earth because our customers want a breath of fresh air in banking.

Qualities we look for

Halifax colleague helping a customer

When we talk to customers, we are down to earth, enthusiastic and can-do. These are known as our brand behaviours. 

down to earth, enthusiastic and can-do.
  • We speak to people on their level and show a genuine interest in their lives, interests and concerns.

    Being down to earth means we approach people in a natural, friendly and considerate way. Often it means taking extra time to be chatty, warm and informal, but always being 100% professional.

  • We have an energetic and positive presence, and like to take the initiative.

    Being enthusiastic means we are a team of self-starters. We don’t wait for someone else to take the initiative when we can take it ourselves. We love looking on the bright side of an issue. This optimism helps customers feel at ease and gives them confidence that we can solve any problems they come to us with.

  • We think on our feet and spot opportunities to give a little bit extra. We always look to help and we find fresh and creative solutions to tough or familiar problems.

    We always take extra care to get things done quickly and efficiently, after all it means we have even more time to offer extra bright ideas.

Roles at Halifax

Find out about the different parts of Halifax and how you could play a part

Helping customers in branch

Banking Consultant

As one of our Banking Consultants you’ll be compassionate and genuine, taking the time to resolve customer queries. You’ll give your customers reassurance through the services you provide, helping them to take their next step in life. You’ll ensure customer needs are met, deliver fair outcomes and work together as one team to attract and retain customers and deepen their relationship with us. You’ll be part of a team that’s looking to you for new business opportunities so your success will come from motivating and developing yourself and others to work towards making your Halifax branch one of the best.

Helping customers in branch

Customer Service Assistant

In this role you’ll be our customers’ first point of contact and a welcoming, friendly face when they walk into the Halifax branch. You'll focus on helping your customers by being ready to provide support with expertise when needed and putting things right when they go wrong.

Delivering an excellent customer experience will be key, ensuring all Halifax customers are dealt with efficiently and expertly. You’ll play a key role in identifying customer needs and then referring them to a colleague for specialist advice and support.

Branch manager

In this role you’ll take a wide range of responsibilities - coach, colleague, friend, leader and diplomat. It’s a role that lies at the very heart of our business, a role that matters to both customers and fellow colleagues alike. You’ll endeavour to get the best out of your team to ensure we provide the best service and support to our customers and be a key ambassador for your branch, playing a vital role in actively developing local communities links and helping them thrive.

Mortgage and Protection Advisor

You’ll be working in one of our busy Halifax branches, delivering excellent customer experience to help customers buy and improve their home or switch their mortgage. You’ll be supporting customers to protect themselves, their homes and their belongings whilst working together as one team to attract and retain customers and deepen their relationship with us.


Our Halifax colleagues

Our Halifax colleagues are passionate about helping customers to make their money go further. As a Halifax Banking Consultant in Harlow, Essex, Pratik has been turning customers into friends for over 10 years.

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Halifax and Lloyds Banking Group

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Values at Lloyds Banking Group

Every role in our team is built on passion for putting customers first.

To help Britain prosper, everyone in the Group is working to build a stronger, more responsible business.

We stand out by meeting the needs of families, businesses and communities across the UK.

Through our brands — Lloyds Bank, The Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows and many more — our people help customers in ways that really matter.

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Customer Focused

At Lloyds Banking Group, what our people do across Customer Support makes all the difference to the businesses, communities and households we touch. 

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Technology and transformation colleagues

Tech and Transformation

In a Technology role at Lloyds Banking Group, you will be responsible for the successful delivery and support of the digital services that our colleagues and customers use daily.

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Team working together at a computer

Specialist Functions

Our Specialist Functions are the beating heart of our business operations and cover a wide range of career opportunities from audit, risk and finance to marketing and human resources.

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