At Lloyds Banking Group, colleagues across our Customer focused teams make all the difference to the businesses, communities and households we touch. 

We’re here so that the nearly 27 million customers we serve can have peace of mind over their accounts and savings. We’re here to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners secure the financial resources they need to take the next step. We’re here to support families and individuals in picking out their new homes. From these big moments to little ones, you can be there to help people take the next steps in their lives as part of our Customer team.

We’re committed to putting customers first, and it’s our people who make that happen whether face to face, on the phone, or through a help chat. Whether you’re at an early stage in your career or a seasoned banking professional, there are a wide variety of roles available in our Customer focused teams.  

Branch roles

Roles in our Halifax branches

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Roles in our Lloyds Bank branches

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Roles in our Bank of Scotland branches

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Other roles


Our iconic brands Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and Halifax provide essential access to our services for customers in over 1,000 branches across the UK.

It’s here in these branches that we can make a difference to local communities as an essential part of the high street in the UK’s towns and cities. That’s why our in-branch teams of Customer Service Assistants, Banking Consultants and Branch Managers work together to build relationships, represent our brand and find solutions for whatever issues customers have when they walk in the door. If you enjoy making a difference together as part of a long-standing team to local customers, then you’d be an excellent match for one of our Customer roles in our branches. 

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Contact centre

Putting customers first means being available to help them at the times they need and in the ways that appeal to them, whether that’s answering a call made in the evening to prevent a sleepless night or answering a chat support query someone’s typing from their laptop over breakfast.

At one of our 18 contact centres across the UK, you could join the team and play a key role in supporting banking customers across all of our brands, including Halifax, Lloyds and Bank of Scotland, with everything from financial advice to checking balances. As well as technical roles, many of our Contact centres offer entry-level positions where full training is provided that can then lead to career progression opportunities both in our centres or across our diverse organisation. 

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Relationship management and business development

Building and maintaining strong relationships is at the core of Lloyds Banking Group because we know that the right connections create new opportunities. We are involved across business communities with clients, corporations and broader organisations and it’s our people in Relationship Management and Business Management who help clients to meet their goals with confidence.

Trust is integral for financial services. Therefore in these types of roles, we look for clear communicators, collaboration skills and a result-driven outlook to ensure the best outcomes for our customers time and time again. 

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You can help businesses to prosper with products and services shaped to meet their needs. We look for people experienced in product areas such as transaction banking, commercial lending and customer to both shape and promote the propositions we offer to the market.

At Lloyds Banking Group, we bring together experienced professionals from areas such as financial services, marketing, analytics, product development and product management to develop unique propositions that stands out from our competitors in the marketplace.  This could be in areas such as financing, sustainable investment, risk management, international trade or regulation.

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Specialist advice

There’s no better way to make a difference to a customer than to be able to put their minds to rest with advice when no-one else can. Our teams offering specialist advice bring together seasoned experts in areas such as pensions, mortgaging, regulation, investment management and fiduciary to give tailored guidance for customers seeking financial advice in specific circumstances.

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Why should I work here?


In a Customer focused role here, you are the essential connection between our customers and what we can do for them across both the retail and commercial areas of our leading banking brands. You’ll help the millions of customers we serve to move forward in life and we’ll be right behind you to make sure you enjoy the same.

That means that we take your personal and professional development seriously at whatever level you join us across our organisation. You’ll have a personal development plan to create progress towards your career goals, an incredible breadth of online resources with our Continuous Improvement Academy, mentoring opportunities, talent programmes and even special events across the country.

We’ll say thanks for the difference you make with potential benefits such as annual performance-based awards, pension benefits, private medical benefits, discounts, colleague offers and additional flexible benefits that we can tailor to you. 


Our Customer focused colleages

Meet Rachel, a Senior Team Manager based in Newport, South Wales. In 2017 Rachel’s passion for supporting customers found her leading a brand new team; the Group’s ‘Moment of Truth Team’, who provide customers with dedicated financial support during times of vulnerability.

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