Helping Britain Prosper, 1765-2015.

Our Anniversary eBook.

In 2015, in recognition of the 250th anniversary of Lloyds Bank, the social historian Ruth Goodman was commissioned to write a history of the economic and societal changes that have taken place in the UK - many of which Lloyds Bank has been involved in.  The author drew widely on information from historical archives, including our own.

Helping Britain Prosper, 1765-2015
Helping Britain Prosper, 1765-2015

You can download a copy of Helping Britain Prosper, 1765 – 2015 from this page - further guidance is provided below.

Download our Anniversary eBook

The book covers a wide variety of subjects which have been broken down into 10 chapters. To find out more about the topics it covers (which include the digital revolution, and the built world) follow the link below:

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